COR™ Internal Auditor

6 modules

Course Length
240 mins

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This eLearning program is designed to help an organization’s COR™ Internal Auditor successfully plan, perform, summarize, and submit the COR™ Audit.

This course is also available in an
in-class format.

Learners will have 2 attempts to complete the final test and must achieve a score of at least 80%.

Program Content

  • Overview of the COR™ Audit Tool
  • Pre- and post-audit meetings
  • COR™ Audit practice
  • Summarizing findings
  • Writing an audit report
  • Completing an action plan
  • Requirements for submitting the COR™ Audit

Participants must have taken Basic Auditing Principles before taking COR™ Internal Auditor. Since the program content is connected, this will provide the best opportunity to understand the COR™ requirements.

Did You Know?

This is a mandatory training program for individuals acting as an organization’s COR™ Internal Auditor and for those pursuing the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) certifica


Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Use the COR Audit Tool to perform a review of documents and apply appropriate scores

  2. Use the COR Audit Tool to assess various mock scenarios and apply appropriate scores

  3. Summarize the audit findings and identify areas requiring improvement

  4. Identify and use the documents required for the submission of the COR Audit 

  5. Assist in developing an action plan for making improvements to the organization’s health and safety management system


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate COR™ Record of Training

Part 1: Prepare the COR Audit
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Part 2: Perform the COR Audit
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Part 3: Summarize the COR Audit
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Part 4: Submit COR Audit
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COR™ Internal Auditor Test
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Course Evaluation Survey
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